The most important event of the renewable energy industry in autumn 2021!

Excessive exploitation of natural resources not only results in consequences in the global imbalance of the environment, but more and more often reduces the standard of living of individual entities. Ecological trends are no longer a topic dedicated only to talks at the summit. They take their place in the neighborhood of local business and even in our homes. Their epicenter will appear at the Poznań International Fair during Greenpower 2021.

Marcin Gorynia

Project Manager

Together, let's take care of our common security at the fair!

Participation in the fair is reported by:

Idea Expo


Trust the experience! We've been constructing fair stands with passion for over 30 years! Our offer includes constructing and designing as well as untypical solutions. that suits your needs!

GARDENcity restaurants

Designer restaurants in the business center of Poznań

Elegance, modernity, service at the highest level. Each of the five interiors was created in a different style and in a subtle way refers to flavors. The three-level restaurant complex consists of rooms: Basilico Bistro, Oregano and Wine, Tabasco, Saffron a'la carte, Vanilla, Cinnamon.